Friday, July 31, 2009

Who are they??

Nothing much to blog about i will introduce some of my the pets that mummy used to have when she was younger.She had animals around her since young.Its hard to not have any animals around.WHo can resist these cuties??

Proudly introducing
Reeko,the nosiy parrot...he was too noisy and mummy did not do enough research before getting him.Now he is in a good family.Cute little talker.

Robo the hamster(RIP due to old age)

Blackie the gp

Lastly,The cute me when i was younger.(how can i not post about myself??)

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Exercise day

Today mummy came home and change into her usually running outfit....I knew that was it!!!I had to go jogging again.Can someone tell her that i hate it??When i reach our jogging destination,i saw aana jie jie again.I knew mummy won't be so 'hardworking' to bring me for a jog.As soon as she see aana jie jie,she passed me to her.
I only ran for a while and i was panting so hard.Give me some time to build up my stamina...i have not exercise for 3 years,what do you expect??

What are you looking at?Cant you see that i am panting??

Look to the left also dont want to look at you:p

I love this red slide

Acting cute

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Today mummy came home with 2 slice of cake for me.Its baby birthday today.Remember in my 1st post i told you i meet my match,its baby.Mummy thought that i was hyper active.Baby was 10 times worst....He is super hyper.But thats the way he is.HIs trade mark.He can play and play non stop.He even master the skill of throwing a toy and playing by himself.
Today is his 2nd birthday.Peiling jie jie(cause u gave me cake,so i will call you jie jie..haha),baby's mummy ordered a cake for him.He was so excited to have so many people celebrating with him that he pee a few times out of excitement.
I envy baby so much.I am already 3 years old and i never once had a cake on my birthday.
When mummy gave me the cake,i finish everything in 2 bites.She scolded me for eating so fast cause she did not have the chance to take a picture of it.(get me one big cake and you will have the chance lo)

Baby's cake

Heard that they had such a hard time to get baby to stay still..

Thanks for the cake and a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU BABY!!!!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Princess Diet

Nothing much to blog about today,so i shall talk about the food that i eat.Cause i only have 1 kidney now,Dr advise me to have only fresh food.But as you see in my previous post,Dr ask mummy to feed me only pork,potatoes and papaya everyday!!Luckily mummy listen to auntie jadey advise instead of Dr's.So now i could have a combination of different meat again.Sadly,grandma is very against the idea of me having barf diet.She says that worm would grow in my tummy if i eat raw food.
So,mummy have to feed me secretly everyday in the morning.She cant keep food in the freezer to store.So i will have my daily meat fresh.She will have to buy a little portion everyday.The nagging one typing my blog for me never fail to remind me that my 1 day food cost more than hers!!!!
Everyday i will have a different variety of meat.Here are some pictures of my 'simple' diet.Haha

Heres my food.(lamb+salmon)

My vege puree

End results=My yummy foodie!!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Boring day

Today,mummy woke up at 7.30am...for a weekend,its consider early.I thought she was bringing me somewhere again.But after bathing,she went out without me!!!
She came back around 8pm.Where did she went to???SHe smell of dogs....not one,but many dogs.I overheard her telling grandma that she went to a dog shelter for volunteer work today.She went to groom them.
I also overheard her telling grandma that all of them were more well behave thAN me....hey,what did i do wrong!!why was i involved!!she even suggest to put me at the shelter for a few days to let me know how fortunate i was!!(I know that she cant bear to throw me there..haha)She also showed gandma and me some pictures...ok..i forgive you since you did something good.In fact,i am proud of mummy!!(shh...dun let her know,she will have big head sydrome)

!!!Next time bring me along..i wanna know all the dogs there

Are you sure nobody wants them??they look so cute(I am the cuter one of course)

Heard frm mummy that all the big dogs are bathed today

sometimes after grooming can be sooo tiring..i understand.

Her name is carpark....mummy says that she is a hyper girl.


Saturday, July 25, 2009

Outing day

Today mummy brought me swimming early in the morning,there were a lot of big dogs moving around.SO she did not managed to take any pictures there.After a few rounds i was totally flat so i did not stay for long.
Mummy got me a new bed as well....happy!!!
In the late evening,'terror' Yuki came...why did i call her that???Its because she will pee n pee non-stop when she is here....I used to enjoy playing with her when i was younger,but now i prefer snoopy more.Why??Haha..cause snoopy is a boy.

On my way for a swim
Knock out on my way home
Me on my new bed!!
this is snoopy....he is always ignoring me!!
See...he dont even want to look at me..Am i that Ugly or what?
This is 'terror' yuki...mummy is always praising her!!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Review day at the vet

I was staving since last night because i have an appointment at the vet for an ultrasound scan today.The scans results were good.But my skin was terrible.Dr told mummy that the diet that i was having was totally wrong.
I could only have steam pork,potatoes plus papaya everyday in the future from now on.
Knowing my coward mummy too well,i know that she will follow the diet from now on.How am i supposed to survive on only those everyday??!!!
Today's damage=$ usually,i was acting cute n blur when mummy asked me how am i supposed to repay her.I still have to go back for a review in 2 weeks time. That means more nagging from mummy!!!

acting cute when i heard the word pay

acting blur when nothing elsa works

Thursday, July 23, 2009

I was nearly dead!!(6th June 2009)

On this day,i was feeling really bad.Something terrible was going on in my tummy.But i dont know why.The next thing i know,i was in the clinic.The vet drew out some blood and did some test.I went home with antibiotics.
After i finished the one week of yucky medications,i was still not well.In fact,i felt worst than the previous week.I am back a the same clinic again
I overheard the vet saying that i have to be hospitalised.The next thing i know,i was on the operating table.The next thing i know when i woke up(in pain on my tummy),i saw my mummy in front of me crying.
I heard her asking the vet something about cancer.What was that??The vet says that i might have cancer.
Mummy cried again.Can the stupid vet stop using the terrifying word that made mummy cry!!
I spend 2 days at the clinic.On the day when i was home,everyone even my grandma who always scolded me treated me differently.
Mummy could not sleep for those few nights.She was constantly awake beside me.Watching me sleep.I could see tears in her eyes when she talk to me.Just what was happening to me??I had no idea at all.
2 Days later,i was in at another clinic.Animal recovery centre.The vets here are much better and more professional than the previous ones.Till today,mummy was still crying when she talked to the new vet about my previous diagnosis.The vet reassured that they will do their best.They put a funny thing on my tummy and rolled it all over.I think it was called ultrasound.
An hour later,the vet told mummy that it was not cancer neither was there any lump in me.My urinary tube burst.Causing urine to be all over my organs.No wonder i was feeling so terrible.Imagine yrself with all the urine inside.Another operation was fixed 2 days later.All went well and here i am.Luckily mummy went to the second vet.If not i would have been dead.(The vet fee could buy another 10 of me....but luckily i overheard that i was mummy's little precious..therefore I am alive till today)
The 1st vet even suggested to put me to sleep!!Mummy made a complain about their wrong diagnosis and they dare to say that nothing they did or said was wrong!!

Me with the stupid cone ard my head and drip on my hand.Even though i was in pain and my hind leg still weak frm the op,i used all my might to crawl to mummy when she visited me.

after my 2nd op recovering at arc (obviously not the pretty me that u usually see)

I had survived 2 operations within one week.The 2nd one was a major one i heard.Now i am only left with one kidney.But i am still going strong n healthy under mummy's care.
Now do you know why mummy called me Brave??

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Who am I??

Hi to all,My name is Enen aka siao char bo(bt recently i meet my match).I am a 3 yrs old miniature schnauzer.My mummy wasnt very pro in computer so she had to get some help for setting this blog.Firstly,i have to thank Auntie Kelly(hey i am younger hor..only 3 so shld call u auntie) for helping my stupid mummy in setting up this blog.
Meanwhile,just sit back n relax before mummy really knows all about the function about blogs.