Friday, April 26, 2013

PRCP soon....

1 month holiday ending....time least time is well spend with family and friends
Got to read up a lot because we are expected to know a lot of things by now!!Super stress....
Got to hang on...planned a backpack tour to taiwan with a group of friends next year least something to look forward to...

Updates on enen.....
New food for will cost me $160 per month to feed her...haha..but its ok as long as she love it...raw diet is the best!!
Photo: En's nee freeze dried one barf....pray hard she eat

Empty bowl....lick lick
Photo: Finish her new barf diet\(^^)/

En checking out sis new house which is just a few block away......
Fully paid..No least they dont have to work their guts out for the waiting for reno
Photo: Checking out the rooms

Found a super nice resturant nearby...will drop by more often
Photo: Nice n cosy Korean BBQ buffet restaurant .
Didn't know it is so near my place!!!
Another place to hang out in e future!!!!!!!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Bits and pcs

Random pictures of happening this month

Enen at petopia,full grooming plus oxygen therapy...
The 100 percent oxygen tank treatment...30 min $80
Photo: In oxygen tank

Photo: Oxygen tank....

Makeover done....expensive but worth all the money
Photo: Grooming done

Bought tons of beauty products....wonder when will i finish using them
Photo: Face ampoule is here

Tons of eye mask

Face mask

Nice blusher

Completed 5km run within 40min....a bit slow but still training for the next nike run

Last day of attachment at geron...crab party!!

Now its holiday time before PRCP!!!Lets enjoy..chalet time