Friday, April 30, 2010

Love cookie!!

Cookie is the name of my new bed.........

Can i eat it????HaHa

Friday, April 23, 2010

Mummy's 1st try......

Today,mummy is in a good mood.....she decided to cook for the whole family.
1st time in her 27 years of life.
Normally,only grandma is in the kitchen.Today's kitchen became very noisy because grandma have to instruct 笨手笨脚的 mummy what to do.

Let the picture do the talking
The ingredients

All in

After 2 hours of boiling and draining of ingredient

My share of food before adding in seasoning

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Breakfast today.

Brown rice with chicken...yummy

Sunday, April 18, 2010

DNA - 五月天

五月天 concert

What has 五月天 got to do with me??Nope...nothing...
Mummy went to see their concert at the National stadium today.Open area with fireworks.
 I was neglected by her because of a concert!!!
She came back 1am in the morning.Smelling yucky because all of them sweat like hell.All the singing,screaming and moving around made them sweat like hell.Opps,she lost her voice due to all the screaming too.
She is happy though cause she got the best seat,best view.
Tomorrow mummy is going to have a busy day cause she is going to the shelter to help out in grooming.

Random pictures before concert starts...too engross in the pictures taken during show

Mummy's seat is near the stage

Monday, April 12, 2010

Basic Rules i set for mummy

If it's on the floor, It's mine.

If it's in my mouth, It's mine.

If it just looks like mine, It's mine.

If I saw it first, It's mine.

If it's edible, It's mine.

If you have something and you put it down, It's mine

If I chew something up, All the pieces are mine.

If it's broken, It's yours.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Home Alone

The whole family went out to eat at this place leaving me home alone.

Luckily mummy always never forget to bring me something home for me.(New toys)

This is my favourite...strawberry and blueberry flavour cookies ...fresh from US bakery

Thursday, April 8, 2010


Mummy was kind of sad when she knew that Coach stopped carrying dog collars.

The one and only collar i got from Coach....Maybe next time i will have LV collar??

Back to school soon

Mummy's new term is starting on Monday.So these few days,she try to spend as much time as possible with me and family......

My breAkfast.......mummy is going to change to oat breakfast soon

Hiding my chicken neck from people

Pee pad and wet wipes for me

Love this new toy...

Monday, April 5, 2010


Mummy did some shopping for me today....look what she got.....

She wanted to get me a bed but in the end changed her mind because every bed she will only use for 1 me this mattress instead of bed

My conditioner and supplement....mummy realised that once i stopped this supplement,my skin gets bad again.

Lovely gift that Yvonne jie got for mummy.....frm US....

part 2 of mummy's Vietnam trip

For the 14 days the 3 of them eat,sleep,bath,shit,stink together(in the same room i mean)

Serious work time(the sun is a killer=almost 37 degree everyday.All of us are full with dust,paint on our body.Our hair became stiff at the end of the day cause of sweat and paint.

Break time,all work stop.Sacks of stones waiting for us to carry

Coffee time.....a wooden hut where they sell drinks

Hygiene teaching time

Waiting to put up some performance for the children(storm performance)

Culture show performers

Last 2nd day of our tip we visit the orphans(can u belief that people threw them on the streets)

Once you carry them,they wont let go

All seated waiting for donation items to be distributed around

Small things that mean a lot to all of us

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Home sweet home

Mummy came to pick me home around 9pm from Yvonne's house last night.Finally she is back from Vietnam after 2 weeks.They have to wake up as early as 5.30am everyday.She simplily love the kampong life there.There are chicken,ducks and dogs running around everywhere.Spiders are always found on their hair.Mummy sweat like a pig everyday...haha..
As most of you all know that mummy is not really a kid person.She dont really like kids that much.But the kids there really melt her heart.They dont have a lot of things that our kid have in Singapore.Their bags are torn,they dont have anything to play with.But they study hard and never ask for more.
The people there are very very poor but also very friendly at the same time.
She turned darker because of all the sun tanning.Everyday she and her teammates must work under the hot sun.From scrubbing off paint,painting,carrying cement,carrying soil,gardening,cleaning off cement off tiles ect ect.All of them became construction workers there.
All the 26 of them underwent major changes in term of personalility and thinking.
Opps forgot to mention that they are their for community service work.They change the tiles,paint and install fans for a school.That is 3 classrooms.The villagers and kids are really greatful to us for all our work.We were even on their news.
Great teamwork among each and everyone of them.If not the whole project will not be successful.
It is a memorable trip for each and everyone of them.They had hard times and good times.They sweat and stink the bus together.They got muddy and dirty together.They laugh and cry together.They shared everything that they had.They are one!!!
This speical friendship will last forever.
Heard from Mummy that they will be meeting up for a last community service work in Singapore to close up this YEP trip.They even organise a BBQ after that!!!
Special thanks to Ms Karen,our tour guide +team mate.

Just arrive at Vietnam airport

The school that they are helping

Group picture before work starts

The simple class...all the tiles to be hack up cause all are popping out
The soil and rocks that they have to carry manually using sack.
After all the tile removed....preparing to scrub the walls....scrubbing walls can be tough...all the paint/dust over yr body.
Break time
Courtyard with nothing to play with
New coat of paint blue paint
The new tiles we changed for them
The brand new classroom that they gave them