Monday, April 18, 2011

Start of a new journey

Today was such a busy day.....trying to make out way around school...buying books for lessons.....
Starting from next week,we only need to attend lessons till 4pm on Monday.The rest of the days till 3pm...Seriously i love Poly life cause classes are kept small.Only 20 of us in our class.Makes it easier for us to bond with each other.
1st day of school and we already have homework......

My nightmare......

Sometimes i think Enen's life is better than need to bother about working/making money.....haha
Still can go for spa treatment....

Friday, April 15, 2011

School Starts!!!

Finally school term will officially start next MOnday!!!Today at orientation,we got our timetable and classes.
Those who are from ITE is divided into 2 classes.Luckily the few of us who gets along well are in one class.There are 18 of us in one class.We already know each and every of them.This 2.5 years is going to be a breeze......
Best of all is our timetable.MOst of the classes starts at 9am and ends at 3pm....1 of the day end at 5pm.
Hmm....what CCA should i join??Seriously thinking of joining water sports...canoe....
My New JOurney begins!!!!

Saturday, April 9, 2011


Today,Aana and me went back Mount A to sign a new bond.We only had to study for 2 1/2 years.But we had to sign a 3 year bond with them.....with no backpay...But its alright.Most importantly we get to upgrade our knowledge first.

Groomed Enen today....

Hmm....the reason why i have to put a shirt on Enen everytime its because of her licking habit....not really for fancy dress up.....

Friday, April 8, 2011

So Excited.....

Tomorrow will be the day for me to extend my bond with Mount Alvernia.
Four more days to collect my student card from NYP
Seven more days to school orentation
Ten more days for school to start officially.
More or less,we already know who are the ones who will be in the same class as us.
I am going to make sure that the 2 and a 1/2 years is worthwhile...going to aim for high marks and oversea trip again!!!hmm....What CCA shall i join this time??Canoe?Chinese orchestra??

Oh...missed out something.....Six more days to Enen spa session at Petopia...estimated damage $200 cause of the addiction spa service.
Going to miss the quality time that i had spend with my family for the past 3 months.....Youngest sister is now so addicted to her new i least she wont be so lonely when we are busy outside.Will try to bring her out shopping during weekends more often.

Got another bed for her again.....think its my new she have a bed in every single room!!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

My sweet little girl

Every morning Enen will wake up at my slightest movement and she will start staring at me till i wake up.
She will give me loads of kisses when i open my eyes.

During day time,she will sleep on her own bed.

But when night falls,she insist on sleeping with matter how many times i carry her to her bed,she will dash to me again

she can be picky with food...but its ok....she deserve the best

i have never been to spa.But she had been there for a couple of time.

She might not always come to me when i call her.She has got a little attitude problem.Maybe she thinks that she is my owner instead.haha.....
But overall,she is still my sweet little girl.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Sis is back from her oversea vacation!!!!

Gifts for youngest sis.....

Bag for sis new i pad

Enen have presents too.....

New she can bed in both rooms

Test test

can bring this out for outings....

My new hp cover...its hard to find nice ones in sg..


Lots more.....clothes ect.......too much to post here....
I am going there during my school going to make sure i go with empty suitcase n come back full!!!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

8 Things My Friends Don't Understand About My Relationship With My Animal Companions

Saw this note on fb posted by petopia and found it interesting.......speaks from a true dog lover's heart.But some of the points i have to disagree.
Like point number 5.....i have to disagree that Petless friends do not always get why I am willing to spend serious money to treat my dog's or cat's serious illness.
I have seen people with pets putting their animals to sleep because of the huge vet fee that they have to pay for their illness.For me,i belief that unless the animal is sufferring in great pain and cant be cured.If not no matter how much money i have to spend,i will still do it.
Various stupid excuses are:Pregnent,old dogs making way for the young cute ones,moving it..there are all kind of excuses when they dont want their animals they called precious before.
So do you still call this group of people animal lovers??

Remember have your family and friends.BUt they only have you!!

8 Things My Friends Don't Understand About My Relationship With My Animal Companions

We love to talk about our animal companions, be it cats or dogs, show off cute pictures and brag how smart and clever they are. Even when we complain about stepping barefoot on nasty hair balls or cleaning up puppy potty accidents, we do so with affection.
But unless friends share our furry passion, dog and cat conversations often raise eyebrows or spark disbelief about our pet devotion. Here are eight things friends often don't "get" about our relationship with our cats and dogs.

1. No matter what, dogs have to be walked. And though it may seem annoying to friends who want to party, a companion's toilet is more important than a never-ending night at the club. Petless friends don't understand that walking the dog can't wait.

2. Grooming is a health issue and a household necessity. Friends roll their eyes at talk of the poodle salon, kitty lion cuts and doggie t-shirt because they do not understand that grooming is not a luxury, it is a requirement. Keeping fur in good shape prevents painful matting, skin irritation and parasites. Brushing keeps fur off furniture. Rain wear protect dogs' nether regions from getting thoroughly wet. Hair bows and nail polish? Well, they are simply value added.

3. My companions may not like you - and that's fine. Sometimes the people and the animals we love have bad chemistry and do not get along. I hope you like each other, but it is enough that my dog and cat love me and that you love me. And I understand if you do not love them like I do.

4. Companions (OK, their parents) like when you give them gifts. Friends sometimes do not understand why anyone would give a dog or cat a silver-plated food bowl when the pet would happily eat off a paper plate. And it is true, companions do have simple tastes. But really good friends understand that by indulging the animals in my life they are making me happy. Even if you do not get why my dog needs a monogrammed leash, know that I will think of you every time I use it to walk him.

5. Companions take priority in the household budget. Petless friends do not always get why I am willing to spend serious money to treat my dog's or cat's serious illness. They act offended that those funds are not being spent on helping humans in need. But you really do not want to get me started. When my friends give up spending on pricey new golf clubs or shiny new cars, they can talk to me about what I choose to spend my money on.

6. Some friends really don't get cat and dog shows. They think they are silly beauty pageants and a waste of time. They do not get that competitions are social occasions with other people who appreciate dogs and cats the same way that I do. Dog performance competitions and even cat agility events reward companions for excelling at what they were meant to do.

7. Dogs and cats are great listeners. Friends offer well-meaning advice when I am depressed, but my cat and dog simply listen. They do not judge my tears or rants. They love me despite smelly feet, bad hair days or dumb mistakes - and eagerly change my mood with silly games. Friends do not understand that just being with my cat or dog cheers me up when I am sad, because a wagging tail or purr offers powerful emotional medicine.

8. People without pets do not understand the depth of grief I feel when a pet dies. A lost love deserves mourning that honours and respects that loss. Even if they have never experienced that level of connection with an animal, good friends support me through my grief. They listen to my tearful memories as long as it takes, because that is what I need.

We choose our friends because we enjoy their company, and we choose to share our lives with animal companions for the same reason. And hopefully, eventually, our good friends will begin to understand the place these animals have in our lives.