Thursday, July 15, 2010

3rd time

Today i went to Petopia for spa treatment again.Mummy is very very happy with their service.No doubt it a bit expensive,but she really see results on my skin.
Petopia can be highly addictive.Mummy is now thinking of signing up package for me. It is much cheaper as i am going every week.....ita a 4 digit figure...better dont let grandma know..if not she will hit the roof!!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Before school reopens

Mum went shopping+steamboat+deserts today.MOnday school will reopen and its 9 weeks of study again.
Must pamper herself before school reopen.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Spa time

There is this new pet shop that open a few months ago near my house.Mummy decided to bring me to spa today.

Spend quite a bit there but mummy feels that its worth the money.She decides to bring there every week.

Today i did 3 treatment:Ozone spa,Claypack and Pure Blyss spa

Check out the space in the shop

Deco in shop

The shop is divided into a few areas,styling,spa,blowing,hotel.Dogs do not get stress out easily as they are not crowded together.

In consultation room deciding on which spa to do

Resident dog

Cute maltese at day care area

Getting ready for treatment

In the ozone tub...lots of bubbles in there...

Later i will be lying on the oval bed  for the mud spa

Mud spa in process....Special mud will be apply on and we will be covered with towel under this machine.Normally we will doze off when doing this.

Mummy did not stay for the whole process,so that all the pictures that she took.

Place thaT i went to..