Sunday, December 30, 2012

Amazing December

This december has been the mosting amazing....Went to taiwan and shared a room with 6 besties...can you imagine that..haha...everyday we went from places to places and reached the hotel from ard 2am each day!!
2 nights of concert was the highlight of this trip...haha

Once back in Singapore its back to projects and exams..Zzzzzz
2013 is going to be a great year too....sister getting married in jan...i will be going back for PRCP at Mt A ...starting my 5 years bond soon!!!!

Taiwan with the gals
Photo: B'!nL!ve B'!n!s!de The Making of a Super Concert. Group photo with Bumblebee. He was featured prominently in the second leg of Mayday's D.N.A World Tour.  He was at the Singapore National Stadium in 2010.

Outside stadium
Photo: 傻瓜們,很開心有你們作伴, 一起共度末日,一起迎接明日重生!

One of the lightsticks belong to me

Managed to grab some beauty products from taiwan..

Our long hotel room

On gao tie going to airport...dark dark circles after crazy fun for a few days
See ya again Taiwan

Gift for youngest sis
Photo: Xmas cum bd present for youngest sis

Enen's new bed
Photo: En w xmas present

Ending 2012 with celebration...cheers
Photo: 末日後的聚會!來不及跟上的下次一定要到喔!

See ya in 2013

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Merry Xmas

Flying off to Taiwan tomorrow with seven best buddy.....will be meeting my taiwan friends as well....Happy
Cant celebrate youngest sis birthday but i will make it up when i come back.
Will update more when i am back.
Going to be a crazy rush when i come back cause its projects n exams time!!Stress to the max

Surpised early x mas gift!!!Thanks a million

Photo: Surprise gift frm sis n future bro in law!!!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Long time no see(^^)

Finally last year in poly....time passed in a flash when you have great friends in school....the whole class can mix around so well...
They are the reasons why we look forward to school each day...
But year 3 seriously is a killer....lots and lots of projects and time is soooo packed!
Recently went back to mount A for feedback session....will be going to ST Clare...the ward that fen is working at!!Finally the day have come for us to go back soon....
Happy but sad at the same time....sad cause will be leaving the wonderful class...but no worries...we will keep in contact!
Joined Amore fitness recently...paid for one year membership...classes are fun to the max..
Will be going to Taiwan for a concert by my favourite band in Dec...well,since its a holiday and i have time,why not....what can be more fun when you are travelling with a group of friends
Be back in Singapore just in time for annual Christmas party and sister's birthday.
Booked a hotel room in jan in orchard for family day....and MBS for CNY again..our favourite place...gonna burn a big hole in my pocket..but worth it if it makes my family happy(^^)

Updates of my pretty EnEn.....all those expensive spa treatments does work for her skin

We love hanging out together...everyday we will be thinking of which buffet place to go

Crazy subgroup 1...haha

Awesome group 51!
Fun at work

More pics till next time.....all about taiwan trip with 3 great girls...

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Random update

Will be in taiwan for 8 days this coming sept..right after my 3 weeks attachment.....Looking forward to the holiday.
Its getting tougher and busy this school term!!!But all of us will hang on as a class and move forward!

Random update:Mother's day gift this year

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Chinese New year

For this year's new year,the whole family went to MBS to stay for one night........Poor Enen have to stay at home...
Gave my mum and dad some money to go to the casino and both of them won $300 each!!!!
Enjoyed the day there....
But the sad thing is.....attachment starts on the 3rd day of CNY.....
3 weeks of attachment at kkh and after that, will be exams......Stress to the max....
Now i am still rushing my management report.Hope to get it done by next friday.
Overall,the semester is so so stressful.Lots of projects ,assignments and new topics.
Do not even have time for my family.So...MBS stay to makeup for it (^ ^)

Nice premiere room with city view

Toilet with bath tub

Toilet and shower room

Day view

Night view