Wednesday, December 24, 2014

end of year 2014


Year of 2014 was the most fruitful and loving year. 1st year in the ward and it was a fun, loving ward. Everyone is so helping and everyone is ever ready to help each other. Team work was great making my 1st year passed like a breeze. Its like a big family at ST F ward. Got back my results for my 1st semester in degree....passed!!3 more semester to go!!

Random pictures of 2014

Great friends who will always be there

Thursday, July 10, 2014

sis's pup

Sis gt for herself a new pup.....pudding...pudding girl will be here on certain days when nobody is home...

Sept pls be here soon.....a month full of gonna start degree course in sept(^^)

Friday, May 9, 2014

Random post

Finally passed probation.....time flies actually cause everyone in the ward is so nice...helping each other and working like a big family...4.5 more years to go!!
Will enrol myself to a uni next year in jan...part time degree ..i will pay for it myself as i do not want to continue the bond..haha...

Mother's day gift...

Will be going to taiwan for a short holiday with fen....we plan to go to a different parts in taiwan.

Sunday, March 23, 2014


Few weeks ago did this for enen....a part of the money goes to a dog shelter..

Friday, March 21, 2014

star cruise virgo

Back from a family trip to star cruise virgo....this time,the whole family including my grandma went too....7 of us with 2 balcony room its $3200....

Enen went for a hotel stay at petopia....its a bit expensive but at least its safe and clean...can even see her on webcam.

And the fun begins.....below are some of the pictures that i have taken...
Enjoy every single moment(^^)

Pretty enen back from hotel

Sunday, February 2, 2014

love life

Whole family went for a night stay at mbs again for CNY

Celebrated mum birthday
 Love the swimming pool

Dinner at todai
Looking forward to our next family trip in march...super star virgo cruise to malacca...2 balcony room booked for 7 of us...grandma is going with us too...poor enen will be boarded to a pet hotel...
Plus holiday trip to either bangkok or taiwan  in june with hard..haha

Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Going to have our final posting in 13 days!!!
3/6/13 to 25/8/13

Me to MAH-Saint Francis (SF)

AAna to MAH- Saint Clare (SC)

Ritz to MAH-Saint Joseph (SJ)

Luckily different ward from much as we want to work together.....we will have problems requesting for the same period for leave as we are travel buddys....
Quite sad as all of us in grp 51 will be going different ways from now onwards...
We had good and bad times together but no matter what, all of us is always united!!

Last attachment as a group...

Nike"s women run with childhood pals

5km finisher T....This time took 40 mins to finish 5km...

Friday, April 26, 2013

PRCP soon....

1 month holiday ending....time least time is well spend with family and friends
Got to read up a lot because we are expected to know a lot of things by now!!Super stress....
Got to hang on...planned a backpack tour to taiwan with a group of friends next year least something to look forward to...

Updates on enen.....
New food for will cost me $160 per month to feed her...haha..but its ok as long as she love it...raw diet is the best!!
Photo: En's nee freeze dried one barf....pray hard she eat

Empty bowl....lick lick
Photo: Finish her new barf diet\(^^)/

En checking out sis new house which is just a few block away......
Fully paid..No least they dont have to work their guts out for the waiting for reno
Photo: Checking out the rooms

Found a super nice resturant nearby...will drop by more often
Photo: Nice n cosy Korean BBQ buffet restaurant .
Didn't know it is so near my place!!!
Another place to hang out in e future!!!!!!!