Sunday, February 28, 2010

Barf again

Mummy decided to switch back to barf again.This time slow and easy.....1 type of meat for a few weeks to see what i am allergy to.Hopefully things turn out well this time....previously my skin became really terrible.Many said that it was the detox process....we shall see this time.

Starts with chicken 1st.....

Enjoying my meal


Diet play a important part in our daily lifes.When i was on kibbles,my beard and paws were badly stained.Now they are finally white.My beard and paws were never white since a puppy.

Before barf/hcf.when i was on stained beard

After a period of barf/hcf
No whitening shampoo were used.Mum did not even bother to clean my mouth after food!!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Note to my beloved Enen(summery of the year 2009)

In the year 2009,there have been lots of ups and downs.I nearly lost you too.
Seriously i've learn a lot from you.Dogs always give love without conditons.Its either they love you or they hate you.They are not good actors.Best of all,their love for you will never change.
I've learn to treasure the love ones around because unexpected things could happen.
Mummy's hope for this CNY is for you to stay health and happy.I know that some people may find it irony.But mummy's for you will never change.I have seen people giving their dog away for various stupid reasons.I always wonder why?Once they were treated like prince and princess too.
Words can't describe how much Enen means to me.SHe eats what i eat.At time better than me.She sleep where i sleep(most of the time occupying half of my bed).
She even gets ang pow for CNY because people knows that she is my daughter.
To you,she may be just a dog.But to me she is my everything.

Happy Chinese New Year to all.......

I treasure all the time with you.
Life will never be the same without you.

From naughty puppy

To nearly dead

My happy go lucky and bave gal now.