Wednesday, September 30, 2009

East coast park

Today is a boring day for me...mummy brought Meixia to East coast park with the girls leaving me alone at home.

The mini picnic that they prepared.

The people involved.

Shy Meixia dont want to look in the camera.So can only take secretly.

What are they looking at??

Its this....slow and steady.....up and away...

Look how far it can go

Ended the night with this....Yup..the 4 of them walk around with this.

When mummy came home,i totally ignore her.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

MOnster machine

I hate this machine....eveytime it goes on,i will go crazy barking after it.

Have u guess wHat is it??


I must kill this monster!!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Chicken Pie

Today,mummy made chicken pie for me.

Mine is the top right one...without any gravy...but she added some cheese for not too bad.

Ready to be send into the oven

The end results.....

Ready to be eaten....all for me.....

Gift from Above

She is the gift of my family's life.
I feel that we are very united partly because of her.
She brings joy to the family.
She is special in our heart.
You think its Enen??
NOpe.....she is my youngest sister.Meixia.
She is born with down's syndrome and i am not ashame to tell all my friends about it.(i know some people who are ashame.Such a disgrace.)
Whenever i am free,i will bring her out shopping because she can't go anywhere on her own.
Everytime when we bring her out,we have get unwanted stares from people.When i was much younger,i hated them so much.But now,I couldn't care less.We just enjoy our shopping experience.We just be ourself.
Whatever she wants,we will try to get it for her because she seldom request for things.
I used to wonder why her?Why not me.But i guess some things are meant to be.At least to me,she is free of trouble from the world.
We love her for who she is and is glad that she is in our big family.

My beloved sis......Meixia....She's camera shy..haha

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Mooncake festival

Today grandma received a lot of mooncake from relatives.How i wish i could have a piece or two.
How are they ever going to finish them....this is only the beginning...

Cant they just spare me a bit of the mooncake....

Did i just heard mummy calling for me??

she let me lick the sticky chewy chocolate twice ....well,better than nothing.

Awaking to your life's purpose(part 2)

Remember about the book that mummy was reading earlier on??She is finishing up the book and she saw some parts where she feels that she can share.

Esther:This book is great.Its show out all the ugly sides of human ego and how one should overcome them.Often when you are reading,you will noticed that there are people whom you came across are like that too or maybe you yourself is behave like this.ITs time to change.

Extracts from the book Awaking to your life's purpose by:Eckhart Tolle

The ego needs others,but its dilemma is that deep down it hates and fears them.Jean-paul Sartre's statement "Hell is other people" is the voice of the ego.The person suffering from paranoia experiences that hell most acutely,but everyone in whom the egoic patterns still operate will feel it to some degree.The stronger the ego in you,the more likely it is in your perception that other people are the main source of problems in your life.But,of course you won't be able to see that. It is always others who seem to be doing it to you.
The mental illness we call paranoia also manifests another symptom that is an element of every ego,although in paranoia it takes on a more extreme form.The more the sufferer sees himself persecuted,spied on,or threatened by others,the more pronounced becomes his sense of being the center of universe around whom everything revolves,and the more special and important he feels as the imagined focal point of so many people's attention.His sense of being a victim,of being wronged by so many people ,makes him feel very special.In the story that forms the basis of his delusional system,he often assigns to himself the role of both victim and potential hero who is going to save the world or defeat the forces of evil.
Some people,however,driven by the ego's feeling of insufficiency and its need to have or be 'more',lie habitually and compulsively.Most of them will tell you a story about themself,their story,is a complete fantasy,a fictitious edifice the ego had designed for itself to feel bigger,more special.Their grandiose and inflated self-image can sometimes fool others,but usually not for long.

Actually i feel that we should pity the person who have all the signs above.Why must one want attention of people around??Lack of family love?No one give attention to them at home?Therefore wherever they go,they must make sure that they get all the attention?To the extend of bringing down others??
Living in a fairytale world in their own space that they have created thinking that they are the poor princess/prince tortured by the evil witch.
After reading this book,I have learn the different types of ego in human.It teaches us how to let go of them.The bad ones of course because not all egos are bad.

I have also learn that the most important thing in life is to be YOURSELF.Do not backstab or tell lies.(sometimes white lies are necessary)Because what comes around,goes around.People around have eyes who see who you are.Do not envy others for what they have.But be greatful for what you have now.Love your Family and Friends.
Thanks little Enen for lending me this small space in yr blog.Off to cook your breakfast......

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Random pictures

My little En


Just for fun.....Haha.....


Yuki's vet trip

Yesterday,mummy accompany Yuki to the vet.Yuki went for sterlization one week ago and her mummy noticed a lump growing around the wound.She went back to the vet and the vet told her that it might be fatty tissue or the stitch at the inner layer might have open up.Will have to undergo another operation if the swelling does not go away in 2 days time.The vet also mention that she can go to any vet to do it.Do not have to look for him.
Yuki's mummy got angry.There are a lot of vets in Singapore.Often we go back to the same vet because we trust them.Therefore,mummy brought her to Animal recovery to look for Dr ly.After looking at the lump,dr Ly says that there is no need to undergo another operation.Give it a few weeks more and the lump will go.Imgine if Yuki went to to the previous clinic,she would have to go under knife again for nothing.
Again......Dr ly saved the day.Mummy simply treat him like god.Without him,there will be no me now.

Waiting at the clinic

The operation site with a lump on the left side

On the examination table checking around

Waiting for Dr Ly

Someone's coming

Home sweet home....yuki's mummy can finally relax now....

If you are sick,no worries.....doggie nurse to the rescue...haha

Friday, September 25, 2009

Vege time

Today,mummy made vege puree again.Have not had them for some time.

Veges that i will be having

They will be soak 30 minutes before blending.

Dont they look like indian spices??

Mix everything together and you get this....Dont look very nice,but taste great!

My meal for today.chicken +pig liver

All ready to eat.....

Digging in time!!

Later mummy will either be accompanying yuki to the vet or going to fly a kite....yup...all without me going.She's bring Meixia mei mie to fly kite without me!!!

You think making me take a picture with kitty will cheer me up??NO way!!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Yoghurt for today

Almost everyday,i have have 2 tablespoon of yoghurt mix with different fruits 15min before meal.Mummy told me that its good for my intestine and i Love it a lot.

Today its blueberry day.(blueberry is good oxidant for the body)

Mix everything together and you get blueberry youhurt....

 Steam chicken with organic pumpkin

Off for my long walk.......see you around.....

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

My dinner today.....

Today was a rainy day...I hate rainy days

My dinner today:Steam chicken with peas,carrot and wolfberry.

Random Pictures for today....