Friday, April 26, 2013

PRCP soon....

1 month holiday ending....time least time is well spend with family and friends
Got to read up a lot because we are expected to know a lot of things by now!!Super stress....
Got to hang on...planned a backpack tour to taiwan with a group of friends next year least something to look forward to...

Updates on enen.....
New food for will cost me $160 per month to feed her...haha..but its ok as long as she love it...raw diet is the best!!
Photo: En's nee freeze dried one barf....pray hard she eat

Empty bowl....lick lick
Photo: Finish her new barf diet\(^^)/

En checking out sis new house which is just a few block away......
Fully paid..No least they dont have to work their guts out for the waiting for reno
Photo: Checking out the rooms

Found a super nice resturant nearby...will drop by more often
Photo: Nice n cosy Korean BBQ buffet restaurant .
Didn't know it is so near my place!!!
Another place to hang out in e future!!!!!!!

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